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Firm Focus

As an owner you are often accountable to just yourself or a fellow owner or owners. Many firm owners tell us that being accountable to a knowledgeable third party is very powerful and yields positive results. It helps you maintain focus on what is important.

That is why we have structured this service with the following inclusions:

Scheduled monthly video call

  • Review the prior month results and Key Performance Indicators
    We agree with you what the important numbers are that we should be focusing on and will make suggestions on what they are for your circumstances. Targets for the next month can be updated and agreed for the key numbers as part of this discussion.
  • Discuss what the results and KPIs mean and any actions that are required
    What worked well? What would you do differently? What specifically do you need to do in response to the numbers?
  • Review completion / achievement of prior month priorities /projects
    How did you go? What did you learn? If you did not finish a project what do you need to do to get it done.
  • Discuss and agree on one to three priorities / projects for the next month
    Our experience is that any more than three priorities for a firm is overly ambitious and often results in partial or poor execution. 
  • Discuss issues and opportunities
    What are you concerned about? What opportunities have you spotted that you’d like to explore? Anything else it would be useful to discuss?

The structure and content can be varied to suit your needs.

Unmetered telephone and email support

  • Confidentially brainstorm or test an idea with a knowledgeable third party
  • Get a second opinion
  • Help you think through an issue or idea

Your investment: A fixed fee per month with no minimum term.

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