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Accounting Firm Coaching: When we say tailored, we really do mean tailored.

Every firm is different and no two accounting firm coaching (or any professional firm coaching) packages will be the same.

We take the time to get to know you and your business and agree on how the coaching will benefit you the most and in ways that are valuable to you.

The starting point is completion of a Success Ready Review for your firm.

Some of the elements you might select as part of your tailored package include:

  • Monthly review of firm financials and Key Performance Indicators (we will help you identify what the right things to measure are for your business and your goals)
  • Discussion of what the results mean and how they can support decisions about priorities for the business
  • Setting of targets for each month, quarter or other period as agreed and monitoring achievement
  • Agreeing on priorities for the next month, quarter and monitoring progress
  • One on one coaching of individual partners, managers or other team members who will benefit
  • Coaching of the leadership team or other teams
  • Training sessions on a range of non-technical topics
  • Project assistance including with implementation unmetered phone and email support
  • Accountability for doing what you say you will do
Accounting Firm Coaching

Many professional firm owners tell us that a key element of coaching is the accountability it brings.

As an owner you are often accountable to just yourself or a fellow owner or owners.
Our experience shows that being “accountable” to a knowledgeable third party is very powerful and yields great results.

Your investment: A fixed monthly fee which is all inclusive for our services and any travel agreed.

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“We’ve made suggestions here about some elements of the coaching package, but they are just suggestions and we will work with you to tailor it to your specific circumstances.”

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