TAP Audit Groups

These groups are in operation in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. If you live in another location please contact us to discuss your needs.

What is a TAP Audit Group?

TAP Audit is an independent group of likeminded audit partners/directors and managers. It provides a safe forum for discussing issues and opportunities in your audit practice and to step back from the day to day and work on your audit practice rather than in it. A goal of the group is to promote a culture of best practice.

What happens at the meetings?

There is a lot of discussion, information flows, ideas are brainstormed and exchanged, problems are solved, awareness is created, people are educated and horizons are broadened. There is usually a guest presenter or two on topics of interest. As facilitator, Rob follows the agenda circulated prior to the meeting and flexes as needed to take into account the needs of attendees on the day. Each firm presents a brief update on what is happening in their audit practice and raises any matters they might be seeking input from others on. Members note down all manner of ideas and action points gleaned from the meeting.

How can the group make life easier for members?

Individuals come with specific issues, seeking solutions. More often than not, the answer to the question already exists within the collective experience of the members, and is freely shared. If it doesn’t exist, members pool resources and workshop the issue then and there, until, where possible, a practical solution has been created.

What does a typical group member look like?

A typical member firm normally has one to three Registered Company Auditors working with a dedicated audit team. Members are often so busy servicing clients they have neither the time nor the resources to stay abreast of all ongoing significant audit developments, technical and non-technical. Some are sole operators, so often have no practical way of measuring the effectiveness of their performance.

What are some of the other benefits?

TAP Audit groups offer members a range of genuine benefits, including:

  • Confidence – discovering that their methods and results align with those of other successful auditors.
  • Professional development – exposure to a range of quality presenters, who are regularly featured at meetings. The hours constitute applicable CPD hours.
  • Voice – a dynamic, close-knit professional association such as TAP Audit may lobby the decision-makers within the industry.
  • Network – a responsive, well-connected network to help solve problems and inspire action.
  • Focus on Practice Management – often audit training and meetings focus on technical aspects, TAP Audit groups also provide discussions on the day to day management of an audit team, including people, systems and processes, client relationships and pricing.

What is the frequency and duration of meetings?

TAP Audit groups meet twice a year. Meetings typically run from either 9.30am to 3.30pm (Melbourne) or 11.00am to 5.00pm (Sydney) 10am to 3pm (Brisbane) with catering provided.

When are the next meetings?

TAP Audit NSW next meets Thursday 26 November 2020 in the Sydney CBD

TAP Audit Group Victoria next meets Friday 20 November 2020 in the Melbourne CBD

TAP Audit QLD next meets Wednesday 25 November in the Brisbane CBD

What is the role of Rob Pillans as facilitator?

Rob prepares the agenda for each meeting based on input from members and his own ideas on what is topical and useful. He arranges guest speakers, organises the venue and catering, brings items of relevance to the meetings, chairs the meetings, ensures participation, handles follow up items and manages the online community exclusively for the group.

Rob has spent 30 years working in and with accounting firms. He is a CA qualified accounting firm coach who spent 10 years delivering client services, mostly in audit, then worked in management roles in five different accounting firms. His extensive network of firms and suppliers within the industry is extremely helpful to group members.

What is the investment and how do I join?

There is a fixed fee per firm per meeting which allows up to two attendees. Email Rob Pillans at rob@planetconsulting.com.au to get the current fee and/or express your interest in joining. He will then contact you to discuss your interest, provide additional information and answer any questions you have.



“As an Audit Partner in a regional practice I find the bi-annual TAP meetings invaluable in networking with similarly placed professional, and having time out of the office to discuss the variable challenges facing auditors is particularly beneficial.” 

“The spread of topics, speakers and discussions makes for an engaging and useful session.”